How to use the Yurplan Exposant app

Access the app

In order to log into the Yurplan Exposant app, you will first need Exposant logs.

To do so, the organiser of the event has to create an Exposant admin access for the "team leader". This person will then be able to create his/her team members'logs.

As soon as the team leader creates access, the team member receives an email, inviting him/her to complete the creation of his/her account by choosing a password.

To do so :

  1. Click on the link shown in the email
  2. Choose a password and write it down in the first field
  3. Repeat it in the second field
  4. Click on the validation button
  5. Log with your email address and chosen password
  6. Click on the download link to access the Android or iOS version of the Yurplan Exposant application

Be aware that if you do not complete the creation of your account by choosing a password using this link, your email address will be considered as invalid on the Yurplan Exposant app.

Use of the app

  1. Click on the button : Commencer
  2. Log into the app with your email address and password
  3. Advice : connect your smartphone to the Internet (Wifi or 4G network will do) 
  4.  Click on the button : J'ai compris
  5. Click on the event you want to manage
  6. Click on the Scan button at the right-end bottom of the app
  7. Authorize access to the camera of your smartphone
  8. Scan your first ticket as if you were taking a photo of the barcode or QR Code
  9. Click on the upload/save button every time you add a contact to your list

At midday on the following day, you will then automatically receive the list (csv file) of the contacts you made during the day.

Be aware that, as soon as you save a contact on the app, this one is saved in the memory of your smartphone. But we advise you to connect your smartphone to the Internet so that these contacts can be automatically synchronized online : your data are safely saved.

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